Antideuteron 2019 - University of California, Los Angeles

Hacienda Room (UCLA Faculty Center)

Hacienda Room

UCLA Faculty Center

UCLA Faculty Center 480 Charles Young Dr. East Los Angeles, CA USA
Philip von Doetinchem (University of Hawaii), Rene Ong (UCLA), Mirko Boezio (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Sezione di Trieste), Kerstin Perez (MIT)

2nd Cosmic-ray Antideuteron Workshop

The precise measurement of cosmic-ray antinuclei serves as important means for identifying the nature of dark matter and beyond. Recent years showed that identifying the nature of dark matter with cosmic-ray positrons and higher energy antiprotons is challenging, and has lead to a significantly increased interest in cosmic-ray antideuteron and antihelium searches. They may also be generated in dark matter annihilations or decays, offering a potential breakthrough in unexplored phase space for dark matter. As the "1st Cosmic-ray Antideuteron Workshop" in 2014, the second iteration also aims at bringing together theorists and experimentalists in the field to discuss the current status and perspectives, including potential primary sources of antinuclei, uncertainties of production and propagation in our Galaxy, and experimental cosmic-ray search updates.

  • Achim Stoessl
  • Alberto Oliva
  • Amaresh Datta
  • Anirvan Shukla
  • Carmelo Evoli
  • Chuck Hailey
  • Cory Gerrity
  • Dan Hooper
  • Dennis Wright
  • Diego Gomez Coral
  • Eduardo Ferronato Bueno
  • Fiorenza Donato
  • Francesco Nozzoli
  • Hideyuki Fuke
  • Igor Moskalenko
  • James Ryan
  • Jonas Tjemsland
  • Kenichi Sakai
  • Kenny C. Y. Ng
  • Kerstin Perez
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Laura Serksnyte
  • Martin Winkler
  • Masayoshi Kozai
  • Michael Korsmeier
  • Michał Naskręt
  • Mingyang Cui
  • Mirko Boezio
  • Nan Li
  • Nicolao Fornengo
  • Paolo Zuccon
  • Philip von Doetinchem
  • Pierre SALATI
  • Ralph Bird
  • Ramona Lea
  • Rene Ong
  • Riccardo Munini
  • Sean Quinn
  • Sophie Baker
  • Stefan Schael
  • Stefano Profumo
  • Steve Barwick
  • Tanguy Pierog
  • Tetsuya Yoshida
  • Thomas Pöschl
  • Travis Nelson
  • Vivian Poulin
  • Weishuang Xu