3-8 August 2016
Beget, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone
This small, intra-disciplinary, conference brings exemplary graduate students and post-doctoral researchers from across Asia, Europe, and the United States together in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees. Our approach is inspired by the initial Rencontres de Moriond, though our aim is a slightly larger breadth of topics with emphasis on historical context. Renuniones de Cataluña will broadly focus on the experimental confrontation of extensions to General Relativity and comprehensive unifications, such as String Theory. Both theoretical routes can lead to inflationary cosmologies, with testable deviations from the predictions of General Relativity in a wide range of cosmological observables. A familiarity with the current instrumental state of the art is crucial to the identification of novel measurement targets and techniques. To this end, invitees with observational and instrumental specializations in particle phenomenology and instrumentation, cold atom metrology, fast electronics, neutrino mass measurements, and gravitational radiation will interact closely with invitees with theoretical specializations in quantum fields, multiscalar-tensor extensions to General Relativity, String phenomenology, and quantum tomography. Attendees will have the additional option to participate in a community outreach event to local school-age children, their parents, and the general public. The conference is organized through the University of Hawai`i, with the support of the Government of Camprodon.
Beget, Spain
Mansión de Monik ya Willo, Beget, Cataluña, 17867
Photo credit: Jordi Armengol, CC BY 2.0