UHM Physics Department Colloquia - Previous Years

Polar Particle Physics: Measuring Fundamental Neutrino Properties with Antarctic Neutrino Detectors

by Dr John Kelley (Radboud University Nijmegen)

WAT112 (Watanabe Hall)


Watanabe Hall

Large-scale Cherenkov neutrino detectors, such as the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the geographic South Pole, are at the forefront of the search for astrophysical neutrino sources in the TeV energy range. Additionally, these detectors are excellent instruments with which to explore fundamental neutrino properties and to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. I will discuss several of these possibilities, including searches for violation of Lorentz invariance and sterile neutrinos, using the atmospheric muon neutrino flux as a "test beam". Low-energy extensions of IceCube may also enable determination of the neutrino mass heirarchy, while novel neutrino detectors such as the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) will extend the search to higher energies and cosmological baselines using cosmogenic neutrinos.
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