HEP Journal Club Seminar

Tracking in time and space: High-precision 4D detectors for High Energy Physics

by Gabriele D'Amen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Room 417A (Watanabe Hall)

Room 417A

Watanabe Hall


There are countless open questions left in particle physics, and one way to tackle them is via powerful new lepton and hadron colliders. While these future machines might reach the energies needed to produce new physics, we must be able to disentangle the complex environment that they will create. New tracking systems with fine spatial and temporal resolution will be critical in improving tracking reconstruction, particle identification, and virtually impact any measurement related to charged particles. A promising path forward is the Low Gain Avalanche Diode (LGAD) family of sensors, a technology capable of achieving a time resolution lower than 30 ps. In this presentation I will detail the most recent developments of LGAD and AC-LGAD sensors and the efforts towards the creation of a real high-precision 4D detector.

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John Learned