UHM Physics Department Colloquia

Nalu Scientific LLC: Hawaii High Tech Readout for (astro) Particle Physics

by Dr Isar Mostafanezhad (Nalu Scientific)



2505 Correa Road

We will discuss recent progress in Nalu Scientific’s portfolio of full waveform sampling and digitizing Application Specific Integrated Circuits. With recent developments in particle physics detector performance and channel density, there is a need for readout electronics that match such capabilities. The new pixelated high-density light detectors such as the latest MCP-PMTs (Micro Channel Plate Photo-Multiplier Tubes) or SiPM (Silicon Photo Multiplier) arrays may require tens to hundreds of analog channels per centimeter-squared surface. Traditional methods rely on analog cabling to bring those signals out to readout electronics, which introduce issues including noise, power, cost and space.

As a solution, we propose full waveform sampling combined with region of interest readout and System-on-Chip (SOC) calibration and feature extraction to reduce the footprint of the readout electronics and bring them as close to the detector as possible. Such SoCs will be flexible enough to combine most readout functionality into one chip
and eliminate the costly FPGAs. There will be less complexity in operating and planning the system, while power consumption is reduced due to removal of analog amplifiers and reduced digital serial lines. The Nalu Scientific team is currently working on a portfolio of SoCs at various CMOS technology nodes covering a variety of timing resolutions and channel density. We will present the latest developments, discuss performance and the upcoming release dates of such products.

In addition, we will present various aspects and issues related to starting a technology company in Hawaii from funding and hiring to logistics.

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