UHM Physics Department Colloquia

Exploration of the Nuclear Landscape with ISOLDE/CERN (special date: Wednesday, special location WAT420)

by Dr Andree Welker (CERN)




For more than half a century, ISOLDE has been online as the isotope separator at the CERN facility for the production of radioactive ion beams. Since its launch in October 1967, ISOLDE has supplied more than 1300 nuclides from over 73 chemical elements, making it the world's largest selection of nuclides. The quality and quantity that ISOLDE offers makes it a versatile facility for producing high-purity rare beams for many different experiments in nuclear-, atomic-, astrophysics, materials science and life sciences.

We will review some of the major results from experiments at ISOLDE.  These results provide insights into mass spectrometry, solid-state physics, Coulomb excitation, proton-neutron transfer reactions, atomic physics and related laser experiments.

We conclude with a discussion of new radioisotope cancer therapy and diagnostic facility in cooperation with CERN, which is called MEDICIS.