UHM Physics Department Colloquia

Climbing the particle physics and cosmological energy ladder with neutrinos

by Dr Pasquale di Bari (Southampton University)

WAT112 (Watanabe Hall)


Watanabe Hall


With neutrinos we can investigate physics at energies spanning at least 30 orders of magnitude: from the very low radio frequencies tested by 21 cm cosmology to the grand-unified scale tested, for example, by leptogenesis. Together with some very well established processes such as neutrino mixing, I will discuss more speculative phenomenological effects that, thanks to neutrino physics, could provide signatures  of new physics in the next years in a large variety of experiments: from colliders to cosmology, from neutrino oscillations to astrophysical probes. Finally, I will discuss some examples of models that might realise grand-unification and/or address the flavour problem.

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