UHM Physics Department Colloquia - Previous Years

Physics Department One Minute Colloquium

112 (Watanabe Hall)


Watanabe Hall

We will have a series of department wide talks, in which everyone will have 1 minute to introduce themselves and present their research to the entire department. Everyone (students, postdocs, staff, faculty) is encouraged to participate! It is a great way to get to meet new people in the department and to see all the different things we are working on. The format is simple. You prepare one slide that can be displayed on the projector. The slide must be in PDF format. Please keep the slide clear and simple (e.g., no animations, movies) to ease transitioning from your machine to the presentation machines. Please include your name and email address on your slide, so we can easily identify you. The entire slide show will be posted on the department website, so please don’t include anything you don’t want to be made public.
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