CYGNUS Collaboration Meeting at CYGNUS2017

    • 09:10 13:15
      WG reports
      Convener: neil spooner
      • 09:15
        Proto-CYGNUS ISG and Progress Report 30m
        Speaker: neil spooner
      • 09:45
        Gas WG 30m
        Speaker: Dr Kentaro Miuchi (Kobe University)
      • 10:15
        Large Area THGEM Research 30m
        Speaker: Warren A. Lynch
      • 10:45
        coffee 30m
      • 11:15
        CYGNUS TPC Vessel Engineering and Backgrounds 30m
        Speaker: Prof. Neil Spooner (University of Sheffield)
      • 11:45
        Simulation WG, paper (TV) 30m
        Speaker: Sven Vahsen (University of Hawaii)
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