UHM High Energy Physics Seminar

Getting more from high-resolution gas Time Projection Chambers

by Dr. Peter Lewis (University of Hawaii)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 from to (Pacific/Honolulu)
at WAT ( 417A )
Gas Time Projection Chambers (TPCs) with high spatial and temporal resolution are useful in a wide variety of physics applications. Notably, they permit detection of the unique angular signature generated by collisions of Dark Matter in the galactic halo with target gas. Recoil tracks are generally short and thus fine spatial segmentation is essential in order to extract directionality. The Vahsen lab at UH is among a small number of groups actively developing this capability. An often-overlooked side-benefit of high resolution is that it allows high-precision track topology measurements. I will demonstrate the first such application, a method to measure the position of a track along the drift direction and thus reject a common form of background. Additionally, I'll discuss simple extensions to this technique as well as what we could gain from more sophisticated charge cloud topology analysis.