UHM Physics Department Colloquia

Dr. Andrej Seljak, UH, on "Instrumentation for Physics Experiments"

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 from to (Pacific/Honolulu)
at Watanabe Hall ( 112 )
Detectors play a fundamental role in experimental physics, especially in 
High Energy Physics experiments. Instrumentation is a complex field of 
research coupling physics and electronics, and deals specifically with 
the construction of readout systems for detectors. These days modern 
spectrometers are composed of a number of sub-detectors. Instrumenting 
these devices represents a complex task. For example, consider the fact 
that delicate readout systems based on silicon technology must be able 
to operate in extremely harsh environments. As a result, readout systems 
are often one of a kind and on the edge of current technological 
I will focus on the construction of the readout system for the Aerogel 
Ring Imaging Cerenkov Detector (ARICH), currently undergoing 
installation at the Belle II spectrometer in Tsukuba, Japan. The 
colloquium will also include a brief discussion of single photon 
detection devices, both in physics and outside of physics experiments.