UHM Physics Department Colloquia

Dr. Peter Lewis, UH, on "Results from BEAST II: beam background detection for Belle II/SuperKEKB"

Monday, 6 March 2017 from to (Pacific/Honolulu)
at Watanabe Hall ( 112 )
At the November 19, 2015 UH physics colloquium, I described the motivations and plans for BEAST II, a suite of particle detectors in Tsukuba, Japan, that were at that time installed but not yet operational. BEAST II is an international effort to measure backgrounds produced by the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider in the eventual location of the Belle II experiment. In this followup talk, I will recap the motivations and design of this project and discuss the results from a five-month period of SuperKEKB operation beginning in February 2016. In my previous colloquium I focused on particle detection techniques, and this time I will give introductions to accelerator physics and operations.